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Timko has drop in motor replacements for vertical motored Lionel F3 locos, but not for horizontal motored F3 locos.

Years ago he offered horizontal motor can motor replacements, but the last time I asked a few years ago, he had stopped making them.

It might be easier to put a later frame under the shell, or else find a Williams F3 in Texas Special livery.

Or... put a less worn horizontal motor in it. They are on eBay frequently, as at least one seller breaks down old F3 locos for parts.

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@romiller49 posted:

I’ve done two of my f3’s with the Timko drop in cans and they are perfect. I did mine so I could install ERR with cruise.

Got part #'s Rod?

I just bought a F3 set with dual pullmore's and was going to do an AC commander. I would go all in and change motors too and get better speed control and cruise for the right price.


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