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"HONGZ" stands for HO scale, N scale, G scale, and Z scale.

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One of the challenges of modeling in American OO is locomotives.  Hallmark in one of their series of unpowered models did several postwar Lionel trains, one of which is a pair of 2333 F3 diesels that are nearly perfectly in OO scale.  With diecast metal bodies, truck side frames and pilot they are perfect for powering.  One gentleman retrofitted an Athearn drive chassis with the wheel gauge widened to OO. And while this works, some of the "Lionel look" is lost in the process in my eye.  I plan to reuse the diecast trucks and keep the swinging pilot by using NWSL On3 Stanton Drive trucks.  I will put a pair of powered trucks in the lead unit(just like a dual motor 2333).  An electronic E unit for can motored Lionel engines will handle the AC to DC conversion as my layout is AC powered.  Either slider shoes or a micro roller collector like used on the Lionel OO whistle tenders will be used for center rail power pickup.   The trailing F3 will remain unpowered for now till I evaluate how well the lead unit pulls.  If this works out like I think it will, it will give OO folks another fine looking locomotive pair.   These F3 sets can be had very inexpensively online, they even have a nice display case with them.   The three steamers Hallmark did are not very suitable for powering, the horse car might be ok to use. But the jewel in their line is the NYC 2333 F3's.  I will update here as work progresses.  I just started the process with NWSL on determining the best truck based on wheelbase and wheel diameter to match the stock side frames.    Let the fun begin!    AD

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I was off taking pics as you posted that.  Here is how they look prior to any conversion work.  I have made up a track wiper that fits under the fuel tank for 3rd rail pickup.  The twin roller from the OO Hudson is to tall.  I would have to recess it into the fuel tank.  The passenger coach behind them is a Scale Craft OO coach from the 1940s/50s.  So the Hallmark F3's scale nicely for OO.  Had Lionel chosen to push OO after the end of WWII instead of O scale, this is what we might have seen. 



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