Hi I just got one from my uncle with boxes cleaned it up runs great no to the problem the motor has 3 parts without the armature the part that holds the coil is connected to the longer front part with the gears at the end 2 rivets hold this to the coil part. At the end of the rivet where the ground to the coil is located has play and occasionally would spark is this ok can this rivet be stamped out thanks 

Miguel Gonzalez 

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Miquel, if you plan to work on your inherited trains, purchase a copy of the Greenburg or K-Line repair manual.  A very large portion of the questions you will have can be answered with the manual.

And as Rob said, the motor you have is a "horizontal" motor; perhaps you can edit your thread's title accordingly.



Also have a 2333 horizontal dual motor SF from Lionel; trying to make it run better; ran very sluggish, slow and pulled quite a bit of amps.  Removed both motors, cleaned the commutator, brushes and lubed the motor shaft; also opened up the trucks and cleaned all the waxen grease from both the worm drive and spur gears; lubed the end bearings and all axles and pick up rollers.  Runs much better but not as fast at 16 volts as other H drives I have tuned up.  Starts moving at 9-10 volts and at 12 - 14 volts moves fine but pulling about 4.5 -4.8 amps on my Z4000.  Checked field stakes, all tight.  Also cleaned the e unit drum; only thing left is to replace all the wiring.  Just does not move as fast as previous H drive tune ups; they were never super fast but I notice the difference at top end; at 16 volts the front motor does weep some very weak smoke!  Bad indicator!  Any ideas or input is appreciated; thanks much; Falcon70

David; changed brushes and no change; however I found the wispy smoke was from two of the three wires in the front  motor were touching the field winding and cooking; replaced all and it runs like it should; the wires looked fine but they were touching the winding and caused huge resistance; runs great with all new wiring to brushes and field!  The old wiring was corroded inside the clean insulation; next time I will measure the resistance on all wiring to motors; good to go; Falcon70

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