Lionel 257 with 8-wheel tender?

This weekend I found this Lionel 257 with an 8-wheel tender at a swap meet (with a 610 Pullman and 612 Observation). I looked in one of the McComas books on Lionel (the only books on Lionel I have) and found that the 257 only came with a 4-wheel tender. Do I have a wrong combination (but looking good, I think) or did the 257 also came with this tender?

The seller said he did not try to run it but assumed it would not run. Of course it ran (but only forward)!




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The 257 came in a few sets with the 4 wheel 259T tender, all were department store specials. And the books I have identify them as lacking the orange stripe like your find.

The Special 1, AMC set, c1934 had it with the two-tone green 607-607-608 passenger cars. Then there were two that used the Ives type litho freight cars. These are listed as #5004a with freight cars, 1707, 1708, 1709 and 1712. And set 5004b without the 1707. Although listed as shipping in 1934-35, some still wore the Ives plates, others had Lionel or a combination of the two. After all, these were some of the cheaper sets, and they often filled orders with what stock they had to get rid of.  


   Steamer (David) has this one nailed, the 257 was a FWD running engineering only, had no reverse.  Further there were several different Tenders on the train sets depending on where and how it was sold.  


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It's probably possible that there were a few un-cataloged sets that featured a 257 with the eight wheel 261t tender.  Maybe the new Greenburg volume II will talk about it!!  I will be fine as is.  You could also find a 4 wheel tender pretty easy.  Take a look at your loco though, if it has double reduction gears, they are probably the notorious fiber and brass gears.  The fiber is the outer gear part and they seem to become brittle and come apart.  That said, some seem to stay in good shape.  All metal reproductions are available if needed though.  You can also get a glue on replacement cow catcher as well.

BTW, Nice loco Fred!

Dennis Holler If its old and broke, I like it

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