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I am very new to the train hobby. I have recently acquired an older Lionel 259E train set. It has the locomotive, tender, and like 4 cars and 2 different caboose ? Not sure if I even spelled that correctly. My question is. I would like to get into a more modern and more available items of the hobby.  How would I go about finding what the 259E could sell for ? Or should I keep it and incorporate it into my lay out ? It is in very good condition. 

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EBay is a national marketplace. There are about 50 259E's listed right now For Sale. Check out what is being asked, and even more importantly, check the "Sold" listings for 259E's to see what they actually have been bringing.

There are price guides, but auctions are real time.

Personally, I'd keep it. I don't think they are particularly valuable. But - check and see. 

BTW - you spelled "caboose" correctly.

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