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Hello Gang--- I have got my self totally confused on which posts to use.

I am hooking up my 282 Gantry Crane to my LW 125. I am going to dedicate this transformer strictly for accessories.

I was planning on using the " A -U" combination posts since it will give me variable output up to 20 volts.

The fellow I bought it from says that it worked best in this configuration.

I'll use the "A-B" or "A-C" for other accessories, like lights goes 14 or 18 volts.

My problem is I am confused in the hook ups under the cranes controller.

I have been told the center screw is " common" and the top screw is "hot".

The LW 125 had the "A" posts listed as " common".

So I was pretty sure that meant "A" to the middle screw and "U "for the top.

Then I read the manual, which only shows the top view of the controller. It does not show the underside view if the controller. It has to arrows pointing to a hookup map. The map seems to suggest the opposite for an LW.

It looks like the "A" goes to the top.

Any help would be appreciated. This is my first layout. I am getting better and the education is sinking in.


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"A" is common on LW, but it should not matter which wire goes where in this particular instance since the crane is an electrically isolated accessory (utilizes no "common ground"). Tangentially, you should ensure that all layout transformers are "in phase" so that other accessories can utilize the common ground scheme if required. Note that the KW, ZW and others use "U" as common.

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Thank you Uberststionmaster. That is what I thought from what I had heard.

But the instruction manual just throws in that little bit of doubt by showing those arrows pointing to different spots.  And to make it just that little bit more mysterious, they say "attach wires to the proper connections" . But don't indicate where to make those connections. It doesn't mention that it won't matter where the wires go. A little confusion goes a long way.

Thanks again. Hopefully someday I can answer this question for someone else.

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