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I have three of these and each one has a different set of trucks on it. I'd like them all to match so I can run them together. 

1st how do I get the old trucks off.

2nd does anyone have any of these trucks they would sell.

The 1st picture is the trucks I'd like to match to as my other semi scale cars have these same trucks on them already. The second picture is the odd ball trucks on my other box cars and honestly I don't think they are original so someone has already had these apart somehow.


Thank you to anyone who can help!


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Original Post

They either have a plate which is riveted to the truck, or you pull the shell and remove a frame to truck rivit, OR remove a horseshoe clip by bending open with flat screwdriver or InDia.. pliers.  The clips can sometimes be reused or replaced , E clip alternate.  Matching, watch bolster final heights (pivot pad)

I think the Scout couples came in two heights to possibly explain the oddball vs repair. 

A good photo of the whole truck esp. sideplates and bolster may also help. Show what you are trying to match to if you can.


The low-coupler and high-coupler 2954 boxcars are legitimate.  I don’t recall why two different versions exist, but it’s not just with the 2954 cars.  For example, the #227 0-6-0 switcher and #228 are identical except for the coupler height. 

In answer to your question, the cars can be disassembled.  On the underside of the car, at each of the four corners, you’ll see what looks like the head of a nail.  These are long knurled dowel pins that hold the car ends and car body halves together.  Extracting these pins will allow the two halves of the car to be separated, giving you easy access to the brass pieces that hold the trucks.  But I urge you strongly not to do this.  These cars are made of a brittle plastic commonly known a Bakelite.  You could very easy break the car’s body trying to extract the pins.  Given that the cars appear to be completely original, I recommend that you leave them as-is.

Both of the cars I want to change the trucks on have some clear evidence of being apart at some point. I had hoped maybe there was a trick that didn't involve popping the cars in half. 

I suppose I could wait and see if high coupler units show up and maybe I can trade someone who needs a low coupler car.

I will attach some more photos of the trucks I want in any case.



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