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There is a long spring below the coil that is detached and I don't know where it should be hooked; the other end of this spring is wrapped around the small rod that holds the ratchet. I'm assuming this spring pulls the plunger out of the coil so that the ratchet grabs the next tooth on the plastic sprocket and then, when energized, the coil pulls the plunger back in. This is NOT the spring that opens/closes the side door.


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  • 3854 car spring below coil_1
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Did my best with lighting to take better pics. As you can see from image 6386, one end of the long spring is detached; it points towards the rear of the coil but I'm not convinced it attaches at this end. I'm thinking the spring should attach in front of the coil to pull back the plunger when the power is turned off --- but I'm not sure. 


Images (5)
  • IMG_6381: Top of coil assembly
  • IMG_6382: door side of coil assembly
  • IMG_6383: opposite side of door
  • IMG_6386: below coil showing detached spring
  • IMG_6391: top of coil assembly; able to see other end of spring wrapped around the pin that holds the ratchet

On my car the long torsion spring is wrapped around the brass rod that supports the ratchet.  It goes down in the channel and makes a u turn and comes back up.  It ends up on the coil face right next to the coil electrical terminal.  Look closely at the attached photo.  The photo lost a lot of resulation when it was posted, but the spring is right against the side right wall in the corner.  





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