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I cannot get the 3469 coal car to dump its coal on the 397 coaling station. All 3 operations work with the controller...but the dumping of the coal from the car to the bin will not work. I am using the o gauge ground clip and the o gauge flat clip to the track beneath the unit...but nothing.  the coal car will dump when it 's put on a UCS track...but the unit will not let me just put a UCS track underneath it...without taking the 397 apart and eliminating the bottom piece. Help!

Ed Roth

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Thank you sooo much.  But I understand what you say...and I understand page 25.  I am doing everything it says...but the coal car still will not dump its coal while it is under the 497 coaling station.  I am thinking it is not getting the power it needs...from the two protruding 'clips' that stick up from the track.  Or the clips are not making contact.  I opened the controller to check on all the wires...and they all seem to be intact.

Ed Roth

thanks.  the controller is all wired internally into the station...with only one wire ( the fifth wire) which comes out of the controller and connects to power.  I have got to think that perhaps one of those internal wires...that go to the ground clip..or the power clip not secure.  I will test the voltage coming from those two clips.  I'll let you know how I make out. Thanks a lot.  Again..all the 3 other functions work perfectly.  


One thing to watch out for the 497 coaling station is that it works with the 3469 dump car, but not with the 3459  dump car. The spacing of the accessory shoes is different for the two cars and the older car will not work.  I have also had trouble with the 3469 car and as I recall it was due to wear on the head of the accessory shoe rivet. I think replacing the rivet corrected the problem.   I also had to polish the top of the accessory shoe rail.  The wire to the accessory shoe rivet has to have soft insulation or the shoe may cock.   This work was done several years ago and the 3469 cars still work fine, but the car’s location is critical.  It almost always has to have the final location adjusted by hand.

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Thanks to all your ideas, suggestions , and diagrams...I got my 497 coaling station and 3469 coal car...working perfectly.  What a great accessory.

a) I tested the 3469 car on a separate  ucs worked

b) I tested the current  and ground coming from the clips ( both ground and power) on the 497. they were hot.

c) I cleaned and sanded the power connections tiny dots on the bottom of the 3469 car.

d) I attached with alligator clips...both clips from the 497 unit ...and touched them to the 3469 car connections  ( on its side)..and it worked.

So now I knew everything I tightened the ground clip...then raised the ground clip on the unit a bit..and voila...everything worked.

thanks sooooo much for all your help.  Now I can sleep at  night without dreaming of  whats' wrong!

Ed Roth

Boynton Beach Florida...formerly Brooklyn NY.

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