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around the holidays we usually see the question pop up on where to get the glass bubble tubes for the 455 oil derrick. There are other models that use the same glass bubble tubes, so this will apply to those as well. The other toys that use the long tubes, such as the bubbling water tower, I have not yet found an outside source as of yet, but I think there’s a Flyer piece or two that uses the smaller tubes as well, an hopefully one our S guys will pipe in with the models of those...The bubble lights sold for Christmas decorations are almost an exact duplicate of the ones used in the 455. I save the ones the bulb burns out on, as there’s no way to repair them, so I harvest the glass tube and save them for toys like the 455. I’ll share how I harvest them. Keep in mind! You are working with glass, use proper precautions just in case! glasses, and gloves are a must!..keep the grandkids/kids away while you harvest. I clamp the dead lamp in my vise by the base. ( some crunching is ok 😊 ) start by cutting away from the very outside working in. You’ll see the plastic chip away until you can get the glass tube out of its fixture. Some glue and chunks of plastic will be on the glass tube. Clean this off with a razor blade. Lately a good source for these Christmas decoration bubble lights I’ve found on the cheap at Hobby Lobby. I used to find them at Wally World, especially after Christmas for practically pennies. I hope this little trick can help someone get their 455 or similar toy up and going this year................PatA890978D-D7EB-4FF8-A09B-A891240050AA6889AB76-55AD-4B2B-B906-E6C5923E7E2963BAADA5-8128-4C14-BCCE-0A1DF52C4D367C050767-481A-4F0F-BE62-1532D3F7DEDB335776BE-7702-4034-A135-29BCCDA5379F237231C8-DCC4-4AB4-BD8F-B16C6EB85471871CB2BA-D20D-49F5-B252-07AF390EC2A5852CFBA0-C77B-46BB-8BCF-BD1CB711AB1E


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  • A890978D-D7EB-4FF8-A09B-A891240050AA
  • 6889AB76-55AD-4B2B-B906-E6C5923E7E29
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  • 7C050767-481A-4F0F-BE62-1532D3F7DEDB
  • 335776BE-7702-4034-A135-29BCCDA5379F
  • 237231C8-DCC4-4AB4-BD8F-B16C6EB85471
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  • 852CFBA0-C77B-46BB-8BCF-BD1CB711AB1E
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@JeffPo posted:

How hard is it to get that plastic off the glass tubes?  I was wondering if some kind of glue and/or plastic solvent would work.

I’ve never used any kind of solvent, as you see in the pics, I just attack the plastic with a pair of nippers, and eventually you can wiggle out the tube like a loose tooth, then use a razor blade to clean off the residual glue,…..if this ain’t your cup of tea, drop me a line, and I’ll send you a few tubes, just cover shipping,…I’ve actually got way more than I’ll ever use ,…I’m a bubble light fiend…..🤣🤣


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