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Is there supposed to be a bearing or bushing at the top of the armature inside the grease box/metal strip attached to the brush plate?  If so, what is the part number for it?  The 48W I purchased on eBay has no bearing there (see attached photo of disassembled motor).  The armature shaft just rides in the brushplate.  The motor runs very roughly or often not at all.  I see that it needs lubrication and commutator cleaning, but a missing bearing might be the key problem.


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  • 20210113_181156: Lionel 48W motor
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Thanks so much for this crucial info.  I checked the hole in the brushplate and found there was only a modest amount of play in the armature shaft.  I decided to go ahead and clean the commutator, brushes and brush tubes with CRC, and lubricate the bearing points.  Now the motor runs quite well and the whistles sounds remarkably good!  A successful repair.  Thanks again for your help.

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