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Hello all, 


Hoped I could get some help on this.  In the picture you can see my coal loader and the O gauge Operating Track section that I have. 


Question 1

For the Life of me I can't figure out how this track fits into the loader with all of the upward bent tabs in the base along with the power blade casing etc...

Can some one advise how I should fit this in?  I am running fast track for the most part but convert this siding down to traditional lionel O gauge to accommodate my older accessories


Question 2.  On the controller is marked up/down and then load/dump.  the first 3 are proven out by my tinkering but what is the dump function?  is the Operating track, when fitted properly controllable from the 497 control?


(FYI if you really paying attention in the picture I do see the Terminal B wire that has come undone... and will redo the connection in the morning!)








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Dan,  This accessory was designed to be used with regular straight sections of track.  The dumping action is accomplished using the power blade and ground blades on the base.  They fit between the rails and make contact with the coal car which will then dump the coal load into the recieving bin.  No special operating track section is needed.

thanks everyone for your replies.  so am i to infer that the power blade should make contact with the 3469 cars truck contact in order to dump?  


my power blade seems to be significantly lower than the installed 65500 track which makes me think it was purchased with a o27 blade (no regular o gauge blade in the box (original box)  so the power blade appears to be riveted in place how to go about doing this? 


does anyone have a link for the original 497 manual, or a source for the proper power blade?  will start my search now.


Thanks for the advice!


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