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CPC:  you own a wonderful piece!  It is VERY pretty--beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that loco is more beautiful than the latest, greatest scale masterpiece to those who appreciate the artistry, ingenuity, and engineering over 100 years ago.  I hope you can get it to run--shouldn't be too hard!--and post a video.  Then you need to pick up some cars for the old girl to pull. . . .

Actually I know the provenance of this item. Some 15 years ago I got a call from my wife that the husband of one of her coworkers was looking to identify some train items. my wife asked me to call the gentleman, so i did. After about 20 minutes trying to identifying the items and not getting anywhere and although kept saying o gauge I realized we were talking standard gauge. After I gave him info on what he had, he told me that if I was ever in his neighbor to stop in and see if I was interestted. Three or four weeks later, a few days before Christmas, I happened to be going to his area to pick up a  present for my wife.

So I stopped at his warehouse. He said over there in the Rubbermaid box are the items. I took a look, was interested and made a deal.

As it turned out the trains had belonged to the grandfather of my wife's coworker. In addition to this engine there is also a 1911 Special electric locomotive and various freight cars.

when my wife came home from work that evening I thanked her for "MY" Chrismas present.

I offer a very strong second to contacting Joe Mania at JLM Trains.

There are subtle but specific differences in the headlight style and means of attachment that need to be discussed with Joe. Have the engine in hand when you speak with him. His knowledge is extraordinary, and he is very patient. He will be able to provide the correct parts for your engine.

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