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I currently own a early thin rim Lionel 5 standard gauge steam engine. The motor, to put it lightly, has some issues. The gear attached to one of the wheels is bent severely, to the point in which it is rubbing against the metal frame. Also, the motor seems to have a issue making a electrical connection, I believe that the commutator has something to do with it. The commutator was very dirty when I received the locomotive, but I was able to clean it. However even after I cleaned it, the motor still has a problem working. Anyone have any idea on how or where I can have this fixed?



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Split pin is the first "standard" gauge section track ....please see photos and patents ...center pin is split ..half in each end ...for good contact... very thin and high ties ...no reinforced base ... separate clips to hold rail to ties....many many little pieces ... early track 3 tie per curve ...which would spread in time ...so later 4 ties per curve ..better .. spilt pin causes a high point on the rail ..which causes extra drag on early shoes   which cause the engine / train to slow at each joint ...this whole idea was reformed a bit in 1911/12 with the next version of split rail ...using wide ties ..one season affair by 1913 the track you are more familiar with hit the market and it was off to the races ...as it was much faster to make ..the key to selling more trains ...because you need more track to sell more trains    it's a catch 22.. 

Running on split rail is a challenge as it can be hard too find ... straights are much harder than curves to find , the track was marginal when new and has not improved with age ...but if it was easy everyone would be doing it ...  cheers Carey 


US932464-0 Grant split pin granted 1909US931418-0 Grant patent for track filed 1908split pin switchessplit pin switch


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Fran McM posted:

They just serviced the motor for my circa 1918 Lionel 42, whose commutator had come apart.

They installed a new armature and serviced the motor.

Very quick turn around.

How much did it cost to have this done and how long did it take to have it repaired?


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