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I haven't started a parts list yet but I imagine I could find a few things but definitely less than in the past.  Just did a quick search.  Any thing newer and no parts are listed.  There is a sweet spot of about 4 years that you can still obtain parts.  The sale is becoming irrelevant.

I miss the Warehouse Sales .

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Silver passenger car trucks for 15" LIONEL anodized aluminum passenger cars (shells, frames, and interiors purchased from N. Lima Trainworks long ago) were the main items. These are for a Texas Special fantasy consist. Pity LIONEL decided to obsolete so many electronic components or they'd have been a big part of the order.


@MartyE posted:

Credit where credit is due.  I got a confirmation email.  In all the years we had the parts sales and other time I ordered parts,  I never got confirmation emails until last year.  Another that a boy to Lionel for finally getting that working.

I also got a confirmation email for my order. In fact I got several:

  • Received my order
  • About to be shipped
  • Shipped
  • A UPS tracking number
  • Shipped (again)
  • Shipped (third time)

It's great that Lionel is finally sending confirmation emails, but they might have overdone it a bit.


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