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I need some help on my UP H-7, cat# 6-11399

I repaired the smoke unit.  The cab light would flash when I attempted to use the smoke feature. The smoke unit now works and the there is no cab light blinking. The engine runs fine (forward/backward, lights, smoke), but no communications with the tender.

After the smoke unit repair, the engine would no longer communicate with the tender. The tender works fine with other legacy engines.  I tested the IR transmitter and it appears to be OK.  I used the diode tester on my meter.  I also checked the wiring to and from the IR transmitter.  The wiring checks fine with continuity.

I am wondering if somehow I damaged the RCMC?

I looked for a reset code, but I could not find one.  Does anyone know if there is a factory reset code for this early (2012) Legacy engine?

I did re-program the engine ID in case that would reset the RCMC, but still no change.

Is there any other way to see if the IR transmitter is good or if the RCMC has failed?

Any thoughts as to what else I should try?

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Update -

While testing the IR transmitter wiring (checking for loose/broken connections) I did find a place in the wires where it was pinched.  My guess is when I was reassembling the engine shell to the chassis I pinched the wire and shorted the IR transmitter to shell ground. The wire did not show any obvious physical bear wire.  While the wires and connections all tested good, my thought was either the IR transmitter diode or the main control board RCMC was bad.

I completed an engine reset following the manual (changing or reentering the engine ID resets this engine to factory default). No change in operation.

I received a new IR transmitter from Lionel parts and sure enough, the IR transmitter was bad.  Engine is now fully operational again.

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