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I think he may be looking for conventional operation, mine is upgraded to really run mostly command.  Without a bit of modification, the Super-Chuffer doesn't run until the track voltage gets to 9-10 volts, that may be a bit much for conventional operation.

How would or would not the following work conventionally with a refurbished ZW?

  • ERR Cruise Commander for Full Command Control
  • ERR RailSounds Commander
  • Fan Driven Smoke With 2-level Smoke Volume Control
  • JWA Super-Chuffer, Smoke & Lighting Enhancement
  • JWA Chuff-Generator, 4-chuffs/rev
  • LED Rule-17 Controlled Headlight
  • Automatic Cab Light Control
@Ponz posted:

Thanks.  It looks a little beyond open box from the pics.  Check out where the tender wire is and is not.

Have you ever used this outfit?


I didn't look that close till you mentioned it.   I see what you mean, but if you're set on gutting it does that really matter?

I have dealt with these guys before and been very happy.   That said every auction is buyer beware.   Also Cabin Fever is traditionally a live auction company and are now transitioning to being online based.  I assume they will do just fine but every transition has growing pains.   

When I revamped my 6-18006, I actually embedded the locomotive connector in the rear apron where it appears on most newer locomotives.  Of course, at the time I started that task, I didn't realize there was close to an inch of solid diecast material between the back and the inside!  Mr. Dremel and I had a long conversation with that shell to grind out the hole for the connector, that was a significant PITA!  I've done a couple since, and I ran the tether under the cab like the old one as that was way too much work to make that hole, even though it looks great when it runs.

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