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  I have a Lionel Reading T1 SKU 6-18006 that has one wire off of the female tether that is located in the tender.  It controls the sounds of steam and whistle and bell.  Is there an easy way to take apart the pin in the tether to resolder?  Or can I just solder the wire to the pin.  Here are the pictures of the tether.  Thanks for your help.



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I ended having to rewire mine with a 6 pin connector.  To keep the wires neat, at other's suggestion, I have a piece of shrink wrap tubing over the wires, but DO NOT actually shrink apply heat and shrink the tubing.  You want it to stay flexible.  I think I still have the whistle and bell backwards.  The idea of the extra wires was the ability to later add a cutoff switch for the smoke unit back in the tender.  I never got around to it but the capability is now there. 

This failure is pretty common with this engine.

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