Hello and Merry Christmas. I am new to this forum and I was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem I am having with this engine. Just got it today as a gift and ran it a bit, but it subsequently seized up and has trouble running. BTW I am running conventional. Thanks in advance. 

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Is this a Lionel C&O "Yellowbelly" steam engine? If so, I'd check to see whether any side rod screws have backed out to jam the motion of the rods or possibly the main eccentric screw has dropped out.....

Actually this would apply to any steam engine....

Just a question, who is warrantying a 1996 engine? I highly suspect weak brush springs. With a pair of test leads and running, hold the loco in your hand and take a pencil and push in on the brushes one at a time. If the motor takes off you have found the problem and  have who ever warranted the loco replace them.

Engine is a carbon copy of the PW 646/2056/2046 types.  Getting the shell of involves in removing about two screws in front and a top screw in front of the cab.  Might find the brushes sticking in the brush plate or a dirty commutator..


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