Wondering if someone can tell me what are the passenger cars that go with the Lionel 6-18071 Daylight?

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Hi Canadian!

There are a number of Daylight cars from Lionel, MTH, and Williams that would complement your Lionel #6-18071 Daylight. I run mine with the MTH 60' cars which are not a full scale length but look good on my sharper radius curves.

Have fun and let us know what you find!

If you want to get a correct color match for the Lionel Daylight engine, I'd suggest getting Lionel passenger cars. Other manufactors' cars may not have the right colors to match your engine. The two sets below are the best ways to go. Just my opinion. Both the Madison cars and the streamlined aluminum sets are very nice. If you can find  Williams streamlined aluminum passenger cars, those would be fine, too, as they are similar to the Lionel aluminum streamlined cars and a good match for the engine. You may have to purchase some of these cars individually, but sometimes you'll find them as sets. Both sets were made quite a few years ago, so you'll have to find them in the secondary market, such as Ebay. Also, with respect to the streamlined aluminum cars, there were 8 different ones made; only five of them are shown below, plus the single vista dome car shown. The larger picture shows the vista dome car, which was an additional car to the 5-car set.

Lionel 6-19019, 6-19023, 6-19024, 6-19025, 6-19026 Southern Pacific Daylight 5-Car Madison Passenger Set

Five painted aluminum Southern Pacific O guage passenger cars including baggage car #6-9589, combo car #6-9590, passenger car #6-9591, passenger car #6-9592, observation car #6-9593

Lionel Southern Pacific Daylight Model Train Passenger Car Assortment

Lionel 6-7211 Southern Pacific Daylight Aluminum Vista-Dome Car




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Growing up my dad was so excited to get the 6-18007 GS2 daylight. He never liked the madison or 2500 series aluminum cars. He thought they were too big. So he had a 6 car set of 2400 series cars repainted into daylight colors. The set turned out awesome and the paint matched perfect. I still remember going with mom to the Buhl Planetarium in Pittsburgh to drop off the cars to get painted.

I disagree with my Dad however. 😀 I think the madison cars looked perfect with these era daylights.  


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