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My brother picked up a Lionel 6-18323 Amtrak HHP-8 loco at a garage sale that is in pieces does anyone have a wiring diagram for it. All the parts seem to be there however most of the wiring has been cut away. I found the parts page on Lionel's site however cannot find a wiring diagram.               j

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I don't know of a wiring diagram for that specific model.   Here's the RCDR diagram for the one that ERR sells, or used to sell, that's the pinouts of the control board from your set.  I am sure this is correct as I've replaced several of those boards with the ERR part.  The Trainsounds board is just a horn/bell board, so the wiring should be pretty simple.  I also think the pinouts are on the back of the board.


As you can see, the wiring is really very simple, that's not much to connect up.


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  • ERR RCDR TMCC Receiver

John Thanks, I am probably going to have to buy an ERR board my guess is the RCM2 board is dead and the owner was planning to run the loco on DC.  I found a diagram for the RCM2 board late last night so will test it tonight, my bet, it's dead. I was having trouble with the term VPP on the back of the board kept thinking  peak to peak voltage and wondering if that might "possibly" be program/run but not knowing for sure.  When wiring these boards I never connect anything till I know for sure.   BTW; I had some unexpected auto repairs. Will put a check in the mail for those TAS boards by next Friday.          j

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