I picked one of these up last spring basically in a bodybag of jumbled parts. I am going to put Humpty Dumpty back together and make some of my own parts for it. Any suggestions on paint colors for the tank and the legs. I was thinking metallic paint and then weathering it. Anyone have one of these on their layout that they can share a picture on the forum?
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This particular structure is a model of a typical concrete coaling tower. There have been several threads with paint and color suggestions here on the forum. I have the first run model with the three pieces and have not painted it yet but the color of the plastic is not too bad so I am going to spray it with a dull clear coat and then ink wash it and then dull coat it again to seal in the "weathering".

I used Foam core for all the fillers. It's looking good. I painted it with Rustoleum Desert Bisque and started fixing all the little broken pieces. I am missing a few, but over time will make my own. I'll get a picture up tonight or tomorrow of the paint job. I hope to be able to start weathering it Sunday night.

Coaling Tower mods 3 by tedmackel, on Flickr
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