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I have a Lionel 6-28000 that will slow stop then go again on a certain piece of track, see video.  I never touched the handheld, it does this by itself.  It only does this in command, in conventional it runs through this same piece of track no problem.  I am using a legacy handheld.  Everywhere else it runs fine.  I am using Ross track and the two outside rails are not connected, but i put jumpers on the track to connect them both, to just test and the same issue.  I am using this piece of track as an insulated rail to trigger the overhead signal.  I have the ground from the legacy base connected to each output of the TIU.  My layout has both DCS and Legacy.  No other train is on and no other track has power.

Other legacy engines have no issue with this piece of track.

Could it be an antenna issue?  Too much metal from the signals?  

And help would be appreciated.




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