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Hello Everyone, I wanted to give everyone on the Forum a chance to get a shot at a very lightly used BIG BOY Lionel 6-28029 in great condition. It has been kept in a clean environment and smoke free (other then Train Smoke of course) Please check out all the pictures below and please ask any questions you may have. The unit runs great and had been upgraded with EOB (Engineer On Board) speed Control and Smoke Upgrade to go with its TMCC !!! This unit runs perfectly and has less then 5 hours of Track Time. My Father and I are asking $1495 plus whatever the shipping costs. Best Offers accepted. The Package weighs in at about 27lbs. This includes the Box in good condition, the outer box, the manual, the spare traction tires, spare light bulb, and all extra parts - see Pictures and Video. I can accept Venmo or Paypal Friends and Family. Please contact me through my profile on the Forum. Thanks and let me know any questions. We are hoping this goes to a Caring New Railroad or Collection !!

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