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My Son and I both have an older  6-28051 TMCC EM-l. His does not some hardly at all. And my smoke unit motor pulses.  I tested both the smoke unit motor's with a 9 volt battery plugged directly to the motor plug itself. Motor ran good,fan turned good. So I replaced the smoke unit resistor board with a new one. His still hardly produces any smoke. And mine still pulses. I feel that I ruled out the smoke units themselves. So what could be causing the smoke units not to work properly. The rest of the locomotives and tender functions seem to work properly.

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Reprogram the locomotive properly.

STEP 1: Move switch on locomotive from run to program.
STEP 2: Turn on Command Base.
STEP 3: Place locomotive on track, then turn on power to track.
STEP 4: Press “ENG” then input locomotive ID#. Press “SET”.
STEP 5: Press ”ENG” then input locomotive ID# again.
STEP 6: Press “AUX 1”, then "74".
STEP 7: Turn off power to track, wait ten seconds.
STEP 8: Remove locomotive from track, move switch from program to run.
STEP 9: Place locomotive back on track. Turn power on to track.
STEP 10: Press “ENG” and ID#, then operate as normal.

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