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Hopefully someone can lead me into the right direction: I got this Southern Crescent 1396 from set 6-31713. When I opened the shell to check the smoke unit wick after poor smoke production, I noticed the wires for the motor had exposed wire (pinched in the past?) and the repair job isn't holding up. The plastic connector piece from the motor wires to the board separated from the wires when I was removing it. The resistor is also a bit dark, but functions after a quick bench test.

The second part for this locomotive is the headlight housing as the number boards are missing.

Third part is the traction tires.

Part numbers are as follows:

630-8064-048 Headlight Housing
630-8085-200 Smoke Unit
600-0242-206 Traction Tire
I looked at Lionel's website and several forum sponsors with no results. Can you guys help me? Thank you in advance
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