Are people noticing that in  the adds for this set both lionel and dealers are listing the set as having both a powered and a non-powered AA units,  although the add shows only a powered A unit?  I found this very confusing and realized that this set is thus very expensive for 4 cars and a single powered unit.  Thus questioning weather I want to purchase the set unless it is something very special.  I like the idea of a dome car and would like lionel to make more full dome cars for sets.


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I have wondered how do buyers of the Conrail OCS set get another A engine.

The only option is the $899.00 AA set.  Who needs a AAA set of engines?  The price Lionel has on this Conrail set is too high,  If it does have a non-powered A unit, why isn't the road number also listed?

I have this set. Yes, originally, the ads called for a "AA" diesel set but that is not the case.

The set comes boxed with (4) cars and (1) engine. Currently, there is also a 2 car add-on set available. Finally, there will be a full dome and also the "tail end" car later this year. Lionel was showing both the full dome and end car in their booth at York last month. 

Yes, the price for the boxed set does seem a little high........but I was able to buy the set and add-on at York for $100's below list price. The passenger cars are perfect, no problems and the engine is fantastic. The E8 pulls the cars without any issues. At some point, I may purchase the additional E8's. 


Conrail Office Car Special set
Conrail 21" 8 Bedroom Sleeper #8
Conrail 21" 10-5 Sleeper #11
Conrail 21" Coach #12
Conrail 21" Conference Car #27
Conrail Legacy E8 #4022
Conrail Office Car Special Add-on 2 pack
Conrail 21" "Conrail Police Department CR47004"
Conrail 21" "Research and Test Car" #20









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Here is the loco from the Set. It's numbered for the the Ex Erie E8. the Other Two Diesel AA units are the former PRR diesels.


And here is the add on 2 pack:


Comparing the MTH OCS set colors with the Lionel Set


Comparing the Lionel Lettering colors with the Microscale decal colors.


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