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I like to have a original  Lionel 6401-25 w/Payton Military Jeep & Cannon  . I only found one article stating the load should be moss green...

I seen some dark green and olive  . do the  letters  on the bottom  mean any clue to the correct load.?

any info would be appreciated .. thanks

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Yes  .. at first thats all I saw..

Seems latter on  the tank car got mentioned in  the military book  explaining the true  color . so far I saw two web sites that showed the lighter green payton loads with shorter  stacks on the cannon . I know Lionel made them for the 60's Sears cheap sets and probably   ordered them from payton  and had a special color they bought them for.

But I'm beginning to wonder how many sets where actually made with this load  .....and how hard it will be to find one...

I know it was in Sears sets ( in the 60's) but at this point Im wondering how many where made  from payton in the color lionel bought them for..d

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