A7085CFA-AD4C-43D4-9ACE-2C95F6CE84828663F69D-ABB9-436F-9689-2ACF7B88BBFFC1B6C1C8-9034-425E-A1DF-054B9A59470B739FD4AB-1AB6-47E8-B926-5B95DF584FECNice clean original 646 and whistle tender. Paint and number look all original. Engine runs nice inc light and smoke.

Boiler front was damaged missing one marker light housing. I carefully attached a replacement and painted the front only but never got green marker jewels.

You can have your choice of the repaired repainted front or a new repro front i got from The Train Tender which has jewels and everything.

the tender shell is nice with no cracks and the whistle unit was cleaned and rewired and works good.

$125 includes shipping anywhere in the continental usa! Put a classic Lionel around your tree!


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