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I purchased a 671 Lionel locomotive and it had a cracked brush plate. When I went to install the replacement the holes in the  brush plate did not fit properly. They were slightly closer that where they were supposed to be aligned to in transmission.
Any suggestions on how to install without breaking replacement brush plate.

The attached picture does not have brushes and springs

Thanks Steve


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  • image: Top end view not aligned
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It may simply be an artifact of your camera, but it sure looks like that left stud is bent slightly away from the other stud. Measure the distances between the two studs with a micrometer at the bottom of he studs, then take another measurement near the top to see if they are equidistant top to bottom.

Also, when installing brush plates, they are generally a very tight fit, so cocking the brush plate, even slightly clockwise as shown in your picture, will compound the problem.

Make sure the brush plate bottom side is parallel to the commutator surface, then with fingers, squeeze the tops of the studs together. That may do the trick.


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