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Lionel made them.  First use that I know of was when Lionel re-introduced the Berkshire in 1980, on UP 8002 (which although still a 2-8-4, was inspired by the UP's FEFs.)  Great Northern 3100 which led FARR set #3 in 1981 also had them.  They are held on with screws and so are removable.  I doubt they were ever offered as separate-sale parts.

Later in the '80s, a Wabash 4-6-2 (2055 casting) got smoke deflectors, too.  I think those are of a different design and won't interchange.

@woodsyT posted:

I couldn't track down a part number, got any idea?

Easy- take the number of a KNOWN MPC era engine that had them example 6-8002 UP, or 6-3100 GN, or 6-8610 Wabash- easily seen as one having smoke deflectors in this guide

or check this out for the Wabash

Right on track, and it appears that the LH equivalent is 8610-257.

Unlike the above, and the one cited by Mitch, right and left from the 6-8002 and 6-3100 don't have a complete number in the parts list for these.  What's present are 8XXX-84 and 8XXX-124 respectively with the 'X's exactly as shown.  Has anybody seen these offered as listed, with the X's in the part number, by any of our favorite parts houses?

Replacing the XXXX with either 8002 or 3100 doesn't seem to help with the search if online.  No hits, but then again these are not very common items to begin with.


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In the past, Trainz also had listed the 3100 Great Northern Lionel 3100-17 Right Hand Smoke Deflector

Further google search of "Lionel 3100 smoke deflector" came up with the left hand side number as Lionel 3100-27 Left Hand Smoke Deflector

Also, this PDF for the 6-3100 Great Norther was found here in a forum post


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