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Yesterday, I got a call from the owner of my LHS, Tom of Tom's Trains in Ardsley, NY. Tom told me that when he sells a Lionel 773 Hudson to a customer, he likes to give the customer a Lionel catalogue for the year when the 773 was manufactured.  He remembered that he had not given me the catalogue when I purchased the 773 from him about 6 months ago, but he now had one and I could drop by his store to pick it up.

My 773 was made in 1964, so I stopped by at Tom's Trains today and picked up the 1964 catalogue.

I enjoyed leafing through the catalogue this evening. In 1964 Lionel had an interesting combination of high end and low end train sets and trains.

IMO, the nicest set was the No. 13150 9 Unit Super 0 Steam Freight for $200 that included, among other things, the 773 Hudson, operating milk car and platform, operating horse car and corral, a pair of Super O remote control switches and a 275 watt ZW Transformer.

I very much appreciate Tom offering me that catalogue. Arnold

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In 1964 Lionel had an interesting combination of high end and low end train sets and trains.

If you compare to the offerings in 1965 & 1966, you will see the stagnation of the train line.  Apart from a few features deletions and minor shuffling, it was pretty much the same from 1964 to 1968(subject to stock depletion) as Lionel was positioning to get out of the trains business.

@OKHIKER posted:

Yes they did but on their final Hudson release in 1966 they installed the water scoop backwards on the same tender.  It's a shame what happened to the old Lionel Corporation those last couple of years.

They also got the font wrong when they offered that NYC tender for the final PW Hudson.  But if one is going to complain about them offering it lettered for the Pennsy, then why not the same level of fuss when Lionel issued the same Hudson in the modern era with ATSF livery as part of the Warhorse set in the late 1990s? 

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