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Does anyone know if there are parts available for a Lionel #80 Semaphore?  The one I picked up in a collection has a completely deteriorated base.  I looks like it needs the base and motor to move the semaphore.  I'm not concerned if it was a Lionel or MTH replacement part if available.

I could also use a parts diagram if someone has one.



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80-3/4 $4.00SEMAPHORE BRACKET ASSEMBLY, for #80, #82 Semaphores
80-25( * )$10.00BASE, casting only, (Painted appropriate color: +$10.00)
80-49 $5.00SHELL W/SOCKET, for #80, #82 Semaphores 
80-50 $4.00BULB COVER,  sheet metal, painted black. 
LA82-2 $3.00FINIAL w/ ring, for #80, #82 semaphores  

These parts from :

Once your on the website you can see his large parts list is an attachment.  A parts diagram should be on Olson's site and then enter the library

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