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I bought a set of Lionel cars 800 series with the high couplers on an online auction recently. The cars are all relatively nice however one of the cars came with an electric coupler whereas the other 4 did not. So I have to believe that someone added the coupler to this car.  I cannot find anything in my books about this coupler and it does not look like any of my early electric box couplers. The couplers on the car do not work, they buzz and move slightly. Can anyone identify the coupler for me?812A812B


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What I think you have is some version of the type IV-E high rise truck with an electromagnetic coupler.  I have never seen one on an 800 series freight car.  I have many of the large 800 series freight cars and all have either the latch coupler or the manual box coupler.  My 2600 series passenger cars all do have the coupler identical to the one in your picture.

What confuses me, my reference doesn't show or talk about the electromagnetic coupler with the square end electromagnet, it only shows the cone end electromagnet, but all of my couplers on the series 2600 passenger cars have the square end electromagnet.  I rely onjGreenberg's Guide To Lionel Trains, 1901-1942 Volume II as my reference and its section on  couplers is sort of sketchy and some of the black and white pictures of couplers leave a lot to be desired.

There is no doubt in my mind that someone changed out the coupler on your 812.

Jim Lawson

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