Hi  I have a Lionel  8376 with a double wound Pulmore motor. Does anyone have a wiring diagram to hook up  the reverse unit. I think it is a older Lionel unit #640010500 . I have 3 units but when I hook them up I only get 1 direction. or if you think they are all defective. would you know the components  I need to replace. Or can I make the motor single wound and use a Lionel electronic reverse unit ( number? )  Thanks for any input



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If this is a Union Pacific Diesel, it's not supposed to have a double wound motor. It should have a 3 position E-unit.

Here are the basic diagrams for the two types of reverse units(F-N-R and F-R) used on AC motors for the time period you are talking about.

3 Position E Unit Diagram2 Position E-Unit Reverse



If the motor is double-wound, you can run it from a 3-position e-unit (electronic or mechanical) by using only ONE of the two field windings.  Just tape off the un-insulated end of the other coil and leave it disconnected.

If the motor is single-wound, you can’t make it reverse with a pendulum-style 2-position e-unit.  You need a 3-position type to make it work.

Creep, coast, and pull.  We're not talking about cold fusion here.

TrainLarry posted:

The 8376 loco has the 40-0105-001 electronic reverse unit according to the service literature.

I have this diesel, still new in box. I had no idea it was electronic, thought it was just like the Santa Fe version with the original E-unit.

The electronic units will eventually all fail, so it might be a good idea to replace it with the electro-mechanical 100-4 postwar type - just $32 at The Train Tender - and have a lifetime of reliability.


Thanks  to Rob, Carl , Larry, Ted. The correct # for the electronic E-unit is 40-0105-001 The engine #8376 UP A double wound single motor SD-40 mfg. 1983. My manuals show show both a  electronic or a mechanical  E units The electronic one i would like to see a wiring diagram since I have 3 in my parts cabinet.  And that is an original part. If I install a 100-004  E unit I would have to cut a hole in the frame. The wiring is not a problem. 

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