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I know that Lionel did the reissue of these cars in 1991/92 with the addition of 2 more cars (reefer and stock car)

Last night before bed, I was flipping though a catalog from 1999 to kill time and saw that a few of these cars in other road names were listed.

My question is does anyone know what all Lionel offered these cars in over the years? I had never been aware that they ever did more than that original 6.

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@Apples55 posted:

I believe Phenolic cars are made of a resin type material. The sides appear thicker than regular plastic cars and, overall, the cars are much heavier than a similar size plastic car.

Thanks for your reply. When I have picked up what I thought were phenolic cars they were definitely heaver

Are they chip or crack resistant compared to plastics?


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