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Shill bidders, or people just playing games. Likely the latter.

I saw scale legacy PE locos get bid over 10 grand last year. One of the sellers was a forum member. Bidders retracted and never paid.

There's a good chance this one will be relisted in a day or two once the seller realizes there will be no payout.

Since the formal announcement on Friday. These have been selling for around the $600 mark give or take.

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As they say, there is a sucker born every minute if those prices are true. A 990 control system is just that, I can't see it becoming much of a collectors item any time soon.  I realize that sometimes odd things, like certain record albums, become big ticket items but often it is because they are rarities *shrug*. Lots of consumer items get discontinued, few of them become collectible *shrug*.

I'm just so glad I grabbed a 993 off of  Amazon $282 the week before the catalog announcement.

Theres one for over $500 with 6 days to go. I guess this is a good indication of how folks feel about the Legacy handheld.

If you think about it. If someone buys a $2400 VL locomotive, and wants a handheld that accesses ALL of the legacy features, what choice do they have?

Ironically, theres a DCS system currently at $202 with only two days left. T

I'm really suprised Lionel is dropping this piece of hardware. I always thought it was cool design and no doubt took an lot of talent and time to design and develope.  A phone app just doesn't compare regardless of what some might say.

Just sent my one copy into Lionel today for repair. Very thankful they are still agreeing to support on the repair end.

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