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I have an Ac6000 (6-38409) which does not start or change direction well.  The rear trucks are not moving unless I give the fly wheel a slight turn then it will run properly.  I have checked the continuity between the rollers and wire coming of the rollers and that is good.   The motor and wheels turn fine with nothing binding.  Any suggestions?


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Did you check if the odyssey switch is set to on (ODY position)? No odyssey would cause this behavior since the main board will not compensate for motor stalling or slowing down.

Other issue could be the screws for the motor mount backed out and are causing extra drag on the liondrive connection. Check if both motors are tight on the frame with no side to side play.

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I have a pretty good video of what is happening with regard to the rear motor.  At startup the front wheels spin but nothing at the back, if you give it a slight spin it will go, but a very slow speeds it might stall.  I am running at about 17 volts and it is drawing less that 1.5 amps regardless of rear stall or spinning.


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