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Picked up my 13 American Freedom Train cars today from my local dealer, Patrick’s Trains.  After what seemed like forever unpacking, inspecting & lubricating each one it was time for test runs....

I’m mostly pleased how they turned out.  The wide gap between the display cars is a bit larger than I was hoping for.  

The generator car sounds are very nice as are the announcements from the StationSounds Exhibit car.  

Anxious to see what other cars Lionel will be offering to complete the set.  


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Nice seeing the train all put together Dave!  

It brings back my earliest memories of being in  back of the car while my dad paced the AFT pulled by the T1 south of Monee Ill.

I was just 3 at the time, and I think thats when the "seed" was planted.

Nice Videos!

Can someone confirm the set number for these cars?

For some reason, I am only counting 11 cars in my orders. Whom did I forget?

L83202 AFT#1 Rdg T1- Delivered

L83116 AFT 21" Pax 2pk

L83111 AFT Pax car 4 pk

L83119 AFT 21" Stationsounds Exhibit car

L84226 AFT 21" Add- On 2pk #4 - Delivered

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