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@Pingman posted:

@Santa Fe Forbes, first, how did you come to respond to a SIX year old thread?

Would love to see photos of your train.

Six years ago--that's yesterday for me. A link to this thread was rendered by my searching the web for information related to The B&O's Columbian.

All of the posts herein related to production methods and "secret" manufacturing locations is interesting too.

In terms of The Columbian prototype-- I found it interesting that it was primarily an all coach Train (with one Sleeper added between Pittsburg and Chicago) running just "behind" The Capitol Limited.

I've yet to discover a good photograph of The Columbian being pulled by F3's. Generally, B&O Trains using F3's are pictured dragging mixed Freight.

Back in the day when I was 18 . I meet a man that worked on clocks and trains .. unbelievable mentor.. Mr Fred Wilson..

He worked in his basement repairing ( making gears on a small lath etc. ) old clocks and very old Lionel  and prewar trains along with postwar  trains

He worked for the Alco aluminum company  in New Kensington/Arnold  manufacturing plant..

He told me that they made the aluminum 2500 series body's in this /these location not sure if total or just finished them

  Im 64 yrs old now  , and he has long passed away.. I can only go by what he told me then..... daniel

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