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Updates to posted Acela availability dates:

Charles Ro   -   pushed back to 4/4//22

Trainworld   -   still 4/30/22

Lionel Train Store    -   once we passed 2/25 that date was taken down, but no new date has been posted.                                              Still shown as a Pre-Order Item

anyone got a video of the polar express version ?

my friend and i are anxious to hear the sounds of this one.

plus i want to see if all acela sets have a female engineer as i know the santa fe one does

i really wish the Union pacific one had made it through

i was really suprised the prr , new haven and milwaukee ones got cancelled because those seemed more plausable as amtrak could have very well painted an acela in pennsy or new haven colors

i guess the santa fe one made people think of the california high speed rail project and if it had existed before BNSF

i know the UP version gave me vibes of a line from phoenix to LA

unfortunately as we all know the union pacific one didn't make it and even if it did the Allegheny and western doesn't have the infastructure for it at this time even though there is talk in management circles about a high speed line in the desert the pace of the project has been even slower than our rivals brightline west , california high speed and texas central combined.

just hoping lionel makes a lionchief acela and then maybe Fenix Starr Transport can compete in the American high speed rail market.

Bens_Trains_ on Instagram has several posts with his new Acela (Note: they force you to login with Instagram or Facebook, both are owned by the same parent company, Meta):



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