Around 1980, maybe a bit earlier, I purchased one of these from Charles Ro.  If I recall, they were actually making two motored versions in their shop.  

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As some folks have said, your engine is a Williams rendition of an E60. There were 4 axle and 6 axle variations even through the prototype was 6 axle. 

One thing I always got a laugh out of was if Williams could slap a paint scheme on it they didn’t hesitate to! Off the top of my head I know they offered the E60 in Amtrak Phase 2, Virginian, Penn Central, Pennsylvania, Conrail, New Haven, Burlington Northern and I’m sure I forgot a few.

We’ve never had a scale E60 or E60MA in O. MTH did catalog them back in their 1999V3 I believe but it was cancelled. I worked with the fella from Pacific Northwest resins to develop and offer a near scale length E60MA shell (its 4 scale feet (1”) shorter than the prototype to fit on an SD60 chassis) using the Williams rendition as a starting point  but that’s all we have.

I have mentioned to Scott Mann of Sunset Models a few times about the E60 as I believe it would be a good compliment to the scale length GGD Amfleet Cars. Perhaps if enough folks let him know the project would generate interest. With tooling costs these days you won’t see one of these from MTH or Lionel. 

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Here is one that I bought at an antique mall; when I finally got it to a friend's three-rail layout, it would not run, nothing, not even lights! Opening it up showed the reason why:


all of the wires were cut!

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Williams late production E60's - not long ago - were made with real Wms frames, Wms 6-wheel trucks and 2 DC can motors. Same basis for most Wms 2-motor diesels that have been made for years and years - solid, good runners, good models so far as they went - and they went not quite far enough as they were shortened.

These modern production pieces just cry out for finding a separate body (they are around - I have one), slice-and-dice the 2 bodies correctly into one long one, splice the frame, add ERR command - and, boom, it's the loco that MTH didn't build. Pretty much. Improve the detailing to your heart's content.

The EMD 6-wheel trucks (used on the Wms E-7) are not actually accurate, but have a look that subs well enough, I think. Or, even better - find some GE truck side frames, mount them, and that's done - proportions generally willing, that is.

When I was a Lionel and Williams dealer way back when. I put Lionel four wheel trucks on many E60's and sold a bunch. The problem was a large space between the trucks and what was some kind of box or fuel tank in the middle of the bottom frame. When the first six wheel trucks for GPs came out from Lionel, I ordered a bunch of trucks and the E60s sold like hot cakes. I never put two powered trucks on but used one dummy and one powered. They pulled fine that way and I could sell them cheaper. The worst part of those locos was the flimsy pantographs. No way you could run them on an overhead system. Don

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