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  I recently picked up the Lionel Area 51 set with lit fastrack.  It runs great and looks great too.  I want to get more of the alien green fastrack, but can’t find any of the add on packs yet. My question is can I add on regular fastrack and run it with the lit track being powered with a 80 watt transformer instead of the 72 wall wart that came with the set?  Running it with the 80 watt transformer will it effect the LEDs in the fastrack?  Thanks for your time.


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The wall wart that came with the set outputs 18 VDC at 2.3 amps. The locomotive will run on AC or DC. I’m not sure if the lighted track is okay with AC. The manual seems to only cover the locomotive. When I get around to unpacking it I may give it a shot as my intention is to use the track on our Halloween layout. I’ll check the catalog and see if it mentioned AC or DC operation.

1) Right, I have also looked for add on green lighted track but haven't found any yet. I did see a post the other day where somebody found extra green track being sold as part of a set break up. Will be interesting to see if add on track is offered in the 2021 catalog.

2) I have the Area 51 Set and definitely plan on using a transformer once I get this set up off the floor and build a small layout. I'm guessing it's OK to use AC. In fact, I think there have been a few posts of Christmas layouts with lighted FasTrak where a transformer was used in place of the wall wart.

Edit: Forgot to mention that it looks like Gryzboski's Trains is selling Area 51 as a set break up on the auction site. I see the trains but not the track. Could be worth a call.

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@Landsteiner posted:

Dave, just wanted to offer some (rare ) congratulations to you and the Lionel engineering/product development folks for coming up with this simple but delightful toy train feature.  I'm sure there will be a great deal of pleasure on the part of the young and young at heart from this visually pleasing effect.

Ditto on this as well Dave! It’s good to see a UB grad doing great things! Don’t know if you’re into football, but the Bulls and the Bills tore it up this year!

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