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@coach joe posted:

What would be the best way to describe the 3 wire, 027 turnout controllers, SPST, SPDT, DPST, DPDT, neutral return, momentary contact?  I've got several turnouts with no controllers and would like to know what type of switch I could use in lieu of the controller?


A non-techno-peasant will have to chime in on the technical aspects of this, but I have a box full of Fastrack switch controllers that I don’t use (all but 4 of my 20 switches are command control). The one issue is that they have 4 wires, not 3. If someone knows that they will work, I’d gladly send you a few.

As shown in the Lionel breakdowns, the FasTrack switches have extra circuitry for switch position illumination and uses a 4 conductor wire. As such, I don't immediately think they would be a good option for the 3 conductor tubular switches.

As for finding suitable switches, DigiKey and other similar electronic components providers have a great selection to choose from.

Just as an example, i filtered for the appropriate switches:

Panel Mount, SPDT, Mom-Off-Mom, 24+VDC, 24+VAC, 5+Amp

Just about any one of those will work just fine for you.

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