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I purchased one when it first came out but I sold it as soon as I opened it up to put on the layout.  If you have Fastrack or tubular track it's easy to wire but if you have another brand of track it's a pain to wire as you need a relay and diode.  I've come a long way since then with my wiring skills but it's still too much of a pain for what I get out of it.

Your mileage may vary.


I have one and my layout was fastrack but I wired mine through a DCS AIU.  The action was fun for grandkids to see as my building was just beyond the fueling depot so they watched the engines fuel, receive orders then leave the yard after picked up the consist.

They can be a fun addition if your wanting different accessory action.

My layout was 13x20 in an E shape. Sadly we are moving, so it has been dismantled.

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