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Hello Forum Members -- I have a very basic question about connecting the Lionel base 2 to the DCS TIU.  I know this has been covered on the forum but I am still confused.

As I understand it, the reason to connect the Lionel base 2 to the DCS TIU is to enable control of Legacy engines through the DCS remote or the DCS Phone App (in TMCC mode only, however).  Am I correct?  And am I correct that if you just want to use the Lionel Cab 2 remote to control Legacy engines and use the DCS remote to control DCS engines, then this connection is not necessary?  Can Lionel Legacy engines be controlled by the Lionel Cab 2 on a DCS TIU wired layout without this connection?

To make the connection between the Lionel base 2 and the DCS TIU, you need to use Lionel cable 6-81499.  This cable has a 9 pin connector on one end, a PDI connector on the other end, and a power cable.  The 9 pin is connected to the Lionel base 2; the PDI end is connected to a Lionel SER2, and the power cord is plugged into an outlet.  The SER2 is connected to the TIU by DCS cable 50-1032.  Is this correct?

Additionally, why is the Lionel 6-81499 cable powered?  Also, could you connect the Lionel base 2 to the TIU by just using the DCS 50-1032 cable and eliminate the Lionel 6-81499 cable and the Lionel SER2.  What is the downside to this?

Last, I think I will want to use a Lionel Base 3 when it comes out.  The Base 3 does not have the 9 pin connector.  It does have PDI ports, so would you use a cable with PDI connections on each end to connect the Base 3 to a SER2, and then connect the SER2 to the TIU using the DCS 50-1032 cable?  Isn't a power source needed for the PDI cable like on the Lionel 6-81499 cable?

Obviously I know nothing about electronics.  I just try to do what I am told.  Any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated.  I hope to learn why things are done, instead of just doing them.

Thank you again.


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