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Good evening everyone. I am in the process of performing a TMCC/Railsounds Upgrade on two Lionel Berkshire Jr.'s, and I was wondering how people typically go about creating a tether between the locomotive and tender during these conversions? Additionally, how do you replace the existing couplers with electro-couplers? (Any additional tips regarding board placement/etc. would be appreciated as well, I have one of the engines in a prototype stage but I have not finalized the arrangement.)

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I used the MTH 10-pin straight tether between the tender and locomotive when I did the set Polar Express upgrade.  Mine got the "deluxe" treatment with fan driven smoke, Super-Chuffer, etc.  There is a coupler that will bolt on to that truck I believe, but I couldn't find the part number offhand.  I didn't bother with the coupler as this was just for pulling the Polar Express cars and I didn't see a lot of switching happening.

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