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Hello Everyone!

I'm having issues with my Lionel BPC2. When I go to program multiple tracks as blocks the BPC2 isn't either holding the program/ and not providing power to the track. The only track that is getting any power is port 1 on the BPC.

The only port that seems to work is port 1, all other ports do not. Including ports 5-8 with the COMM being provided 18 V.

My question is do you have to program each track in its specific spot with all other wires (that may have been programed) in order to program that one track?

I need serious help on this one. Thank you for the support! Happy Railroading!


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The standard way to troubleshoot this, is to make controlled substitutions of each element in the system until you achieve a working installation.  So you could buy another BPC2 and see whether it does the same thing.  If the new one works, your original one is defective.

That being said, my first recommendation would be a thorough reading of the instructions for all components.  Please let us know what you figure out.

Late to the party here, I don’t know if you got this figured out, my experience is only with the BPC2 built into the CSM2. Should be the same concept. To answer the question yes you should only have to set the first ID then all the other should follow after that.

if 1 works it seams odd the rest wouldn’t just for testing I would put just the BPC2 and the legacy base hooked up, of course power the BPC2 on the AU terminals then try each ID you should hear each relay click if not I’d try reprogramming and try again with the BPC2 as the only LCS device. (Or the second device with the WiFi module)

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