Legacy Cab-2 Software Version 1.61

From Lionel website:   "Fixes an issue with CAB2 and SensorCar when used with a TMCC engine. This fix allows owners of older TMCC locomotives to use SensorCar and SensorTrack to create their own custom recordings, one in each direction of travel.
Problem: With this combination of products and CAB2 version 1.60, "Control Type" settings were switched back to Legacy (LEG) each time SensorCar rolled over SensorTrack. This caused operational problems for the TMCC locomotive because CAB2 was sending commands the older-style locomotive could not understand.
Fix: Version 1.61 of the CAB2 software "locks" the legacy Base record when the "TxIR" button is pressed during SensorCar setup. The "lock" means that SensorCar will NOT change the engine name, control type, etc., when it rolls over a SensorTrack. Be sure to verify (or if not, change) the engine ID in question to CAB1 or TMCC control type after pressing TxIR.
To remove this lock, CLEAR the engine ID in question via CAB2 and SensorCar will again be free to modify that engine ID record.
This update doesn't change the way you program or use your SensorCar. The existing owner's manuals are still correct; no new manuals will be released for this version."

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