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Hi all,

New here, so hope this works.  Question on the chatter of a Lionel Canadian Pacific snowplow 8264.  I purchased this new several years ago. Never ran it until now on a layout I am building. Loud chatter, so I did a classical motor clean and lube, including the gears. Made sure I replaced the ball bearing.  Still runs with real loud chatter in both directions. Is this normal for this unit?  Any suggestions?





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Hi Michael,

I have had the same issue. Mine was packed for years. So after through cleaning and lube, it was naturally quieter. I found with no shell, it ran smooth and quiet. Once I replaced the shell I noticed the grinding noise. I placed a thin fiber washer between the shell and metal frame at each mounting screw and then carefully tightened down the shell. The fiber washers made a noticeable difference. I also thought about placing some thin foam in the top of the cab. All I had on hand was thin fiber washers. I believe the noise was created by sound reverberating in the shell from the frame. Hope this helps.



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